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Established in October 2016, Phoenix Business Consulting Plc aspires to be a one -stop -shop for all talent management needs of organizations. It also offers career coaching to individuals embarking on their employment journey as well as seasoned professionals exploring their next options.

Human Resource Consulting Services

Our Human Resources consulting service is a comprehensive means to review current human resources policies, procedures,documentation and systems to identify needs for improvement and enhancement of the your HR function as well as to assess compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations.

Career Coaching

Coaching helps individuals,teams and organizations focus their efforts with regards to leadership development,performance effectiveness and career progression.Phoenix designs and implements tailor made interventions that address customers’ unique needs.

Recruitment and Outsourcing Services

We conduct recruitment and selection process for organizations looking to source talent both internally and externally. Depending on a client’s request, we also provide outsourcing solutions which are in strict compliance with applicable laws.


HR Skills for HR and non-HR Employees

We offer training on the latest trends in the human resource field and the changing role of the human resource professional, methods of finding, selecting, engaging and retaining the best talent for your organization. We also provide training the focus on getting your new employees off to a good start, how to deal with challenges regarding compensation and benefits, how to maintain healthy employee relations and how to make performance management process a fruitful and value adding process rather than an annual ritual that is dreaded by both employees and management.

Effective Supervisory Skills

Leaders in any organization need specialized skills with regard to emotional intelligence, communication, performance management, conflict resolution, , interpersonal skills, time and priority management , diversity and inclusive practices. Continuous training in Effective supervisory skills ,therefore, equips team leaders, supervisors and managers with these skills through a modular learning intervention.

Performance Management

Gone are the days in which an annual – usually numerical – assignment of performance rating would be considered a best practice. A full-fledged performance management system is a critical element of improving organizational performance and employee engagement. Therefore, training on how to effectively implement a performance management system would ensure your employees’, teams’ and overall organization‘s performance is set for continuous improvement.

Labour Law & Employee Relations

One of the most challenging areas of managing human resources is keeping employees, HR team members, supervisors and managers well informed of their rights and responsibilities with regard to the labor law /proclamation governing employment relations of the land. This training equips participants with the basic understanding of the current law and provides real –life examples of proper application of the law in the work place.

Stress Management

The advent of technology, multiple roles and job related factors have all made the current employee prone to stress and stress related health issues. This training is therefore aimed at addressing the sources of stress and providing tools to effectively manage stress so that employees’ well being is maintained and enhanced.

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