2018 – Roller Coaster Ride of a year!!!

-Even the Calendar Agrees with this!

It almost feels like people want to get rid of 2018 already!

Every corner you turn, there is a visual and auditory reminder that this year is about to end. While I’m not sorry to let go of this year, I thought it would be appropriate to appreciate everything I have learned, enjoyed and even lamented about these past 12 months.

It’s been a roller coaster of a year for me, personally and professionally. I’ve had some hopes dashed ; some surprising developments in the career arena , quite a few happy family  and friend moments, some sleepless nights, a couple of bad bouts of the worst cases of  the flu,  some personal loses by way of the ultimate educator – death. Though it is sad that people are blaming the “year” – let’s just say that 2018 has been EXACTLY like every other year; with its own fair share of  positives and negative developments and we – the people – may perceive   as good or bad ; of course depending on our individual attitudes, experience, expectation – over all paradigm. 

So, as we say good bye to the year that was 2018, here are particularly memorable moments for me – in no particular order…

1. Being  certified as a Zumba Instructor
2. Attending  trainings on Corporate Governance 
3. Building the client base  and deepening the service portfolio of my Company’s services
4. Continuing volunteerism at Tesfa Addis Parents Childhood Cancer Patient’s Association,Institute of International Education, Project –E and Nefisa Day Care Center.
5. Catching up on my reading list
6. Everything I do at AWiB, Toastmasters Clubs and Society of HR Management in Ethiopia
7. Being interviewed on two different radio shows on 104.7
8. Raising 13 year old boys s for an entire year without a major incident- this has to be the first year!!!
9. All the change – both positive and negative – in the political arena
10. Being able to keep my self –discipline with regard to limiting time spent on social media –( Big Pat on the back for this one!)
11. Being able to spend time with my parents, brothers, in-laws  and extended family
12. Increasing my investment in my health
13. Catching up with a couple of high school friends and their family – both live and on social media
14. Being mature enough to let go of negativity, toxic relationships and self sabotage
15. Above all, being the center of my own universe and not afraid of owning this – for all of the world to see 
Overall, it has been a fantastic year. So I don’t know why everyone is in a hurry to get rid of it and giving it all sorts of bad names…I’m so grateful for all the experience –mostly good, some painful and – who am I kidding here? Quite a few downright crappy.

Well…I’m not naïve enough to say 2019 is going to be a completely different year. It will be more of the same but hopefully more of the positive year as well. 

Like always, I will live and die by my motto of planning like I’m going to live forever and living as if I’m going to die tomorrow. Here is to a brand new year. May it bring us all fulfillment – in every sense of the word.

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