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2018 – Roller Coaster Ride of a year!!!

-Even the Calendar Agrees with this! It almost feels like people want to get rid of 2018 already! Every corner you turn, there is a visual and auditory reminder that this year is about to end. While I’m not sorry to let go of this year, I thought it would be appropriate to appreciate everything […]

Older, wiser

Older, wiser Growing up as the eldest and only daughter in a family of four other boys was a blessing. There are times, however, when I feel that my childhood was too protected to have prepared me for real world challenges later in life. Granted, my parents did the best they could in terms of […]

Customer Service or something resembling it.

A typical scene in an Addis café: I arrive. Frazzled and in need of my java fix. Quick! I signal the wait staff and ask for my poison of choice – Coffee. Black. Hot. Stat. After what seems like an eternity, my coffee – or what’s supposed to be it – comes to the table. […]

Hiring Challenges – Isn’t it our own making? Part 2

Hiring Challenges – Isn’t it our own making? Part 2 Prospective graduates, graduates, candidates, employees – that’s typically what we are called at the end of our college and university days. Last month’s entry explored hiring challenges due to the sheer unpreparedness from the side of employers. This entry is meant to share what I’ve […]

Hiring Challenges – Isn’t it our own making?

Hiring Challenges – Isn’t it our own making? I have recently been invited to speak on a panel discussing the increasing trend in our country in the area of employment. There are millions of young graduates looking for jobs – most of them unsuccessfully – and organizations constantly complain they can’t find qualified employees in […]

Suffering from – No…..enjoying JOMO

Is it possible that as we grow older, we are actually glad to miss events ? There is nothing fun about hearing all about a wedding or a birthday or any other happy event when an entire friendship group has attended it this past weekend. You can’t participate or comment even if you desperately want […]

Good Customers for Poor Service

The biggest news in Addis for April has been the opening of Pizza Hut in Addis…ok…maybe a qualifier is needed… the biggest news among foodies in Addis has been the opening of Pizza Hut in Addis.  There was hype on traditional media – press releases, ads, endorsements- and on digital media – telegram foodie channels were all […]